Gameplay Programmer / AAA MMORPG


37-80k EUR (depending on experience)


London, Paris, Barcelona

Imagine a hundred years in the future a new planet is discovered.

Imagine the possibilities of a discovery like that - the resources, the opportunity, it might even save humanity.

Imagine that there was a problem:

The animals on the planet are infected by some kind of Techno-Organic Virus – they would need a band of intrepid pioneers to go out there and make it safe – to save the world.


That’s the concept for a brand new third person PVE MMORPG that a client of ours is actively recruiting for  – think Monster Hunter meets Eve Online and you are part way there, but with a persistent world that grows over time this is a project with expansive opportunities for gameplay systems, RTS mechanics, Crafting Mechanics, Vehicles, Game Economy – the possibilities are endless.  

They are looking for all levels of Gameplay Programmer to work on this project. The team is hybrid based in one of three hubs (London, Paris and Barcelona), and relocation is paid for. Tech is C++ and Unreal 4.

They are a small but growing team (circa 60 heads), with lots of publisher weight behind the project and a highly skilled team of AAA vets (former lead/director level) from Ubisoft, EA and CD Projekt Red to name a few.  

Aside from a cool team and project, you get comp from 37-80k EUR (depending on experience), revenue share, 35 holiday days, paid health care and a lot more.

If that sounds like a bit of you, or you are curious to learn more, just drop us a message or click apply!

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