Senior / Lead Programmer


$225,000 USD


Remote (North America)

This one’s a well actually.

If you are a skilled Senior Programmer in Games, right now you are presented with a bit of a Sophies Choice: Indie or AAA? There really doesn’t seem to be a right answer.

If you choose AAA, you can expect to be well compensated, to be surrounded by talented people you can learn from and often work on the IP that got you falling in love with games in the first place.
But on the flipside, sometimes it can feel like what you do doesn’t matter – like you are just a cog in a massive machine and that you are stuck in your role, with few opportunities to move upwards let alone the flex to try an adjacent discipline.

With Indie, it’s the opposite. You are thrown in the deep end, usually have to figure out a lot of things for yourself and often end up wearing way too many hats.
But you do get to feel like your ideas matter your voice is heard, and that you are really part of a close-knit team.  
Plus there’s usually crunch in both situations.

So what's the right answer? Seems like you can't win...

Well actually, there’s a California based studio that reckons you can. Coming out of a legacy of EA and Activision they have the expertise to get the job done. Plus a world famous super hero action IP they are in co-development with, all within a small friendly and flexible team – it’s a AAA project with indie vibes.

Plus you get west coast AAA level comp, 36 days holiday, healthcare, dental and above all a leadership team that’s invested in you and committed to no crunch.

Right now they are looking for a Senior to Lead programmers and have roles in:

-         Systems Programming
-         Network Programming
-         Engine Programming
-         Rendering Programming

Right now they are working in Unreal but once you get past the NDA’s maybe you might learn about a proprietary engine project too.

So if that’s you, let me know – this one is too good not to. It’s got it all, ultimate projects, ultimate team, ultimate flexibility. It’s the right answer.

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